Recreation Commission

The Recreation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor. Each member serves a five-year term. The Board elects a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. A Councilperson acts as a liaison to the Commission. A Recreation Aide/Scheduler assists with the implementation and planning of activities, maintenance and improvements. In addition, the Borough provides a Public Works employee for Recreation/Parks work. The Commission has several sub committees such as Summer Recreation Committee, Fields Committee, and Finance Committee. The Recreation Commission was created in December 1969 by Borough ordinance (See Article One of Chapter 5 “Board of Recreation Commissioners” of the Code Of the Borough of Hopatcong,) pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:12-1 et seq. with the first commissioners being appointed in 1970. The Recreation Commission is the central agency for all recreational organizations in the Borough and coordinates the fields and parks for their uses. The Recreation Commission is charged with providing activities for all residents in the Borough.

The Commission has full control of all lands acquired or leased by the Borough and designated by the Mayor and Council as a playground or recreation place and adopts suitable rules, regulations and bylaws for the use thereof and the conduct of all persons while on or using the same.

Mayor’s Appointment – 5 Year Term (the End of Year is End of Term – 12/31)
Chairperson, Danette Swanson
Vice Chairperson & Secretary, Sue Gorgolione
Marshall Speizer
Recreation Coordinator, Cathy Millian
Recreation Council Liaison, John Young & Richard Schindelar
Dave Barnish
Treasurer, Dave Barella
Corde Motyka
Darrin DiNapoli
Wendy Sutton, Alternate


Athletic Fields




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